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Daily Word Search. Mah Jong Quest. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. Like this article? Next Article Are Oysters an Aphrodisiac? A trumpet fish swims along in its unusual vertical pose, while a stoplight parrotfish performs its reef-cleaning duties—just some of the dazzling marine life that inhabits Salt Pier. Since its founding in with just six giant pandas, the centre has seen its captive panda population grow to around 70 pandas including cubs. This breeding centre aims to recreate the panda's natural environment with 92 acres of rivers, lakes, green lawns, wild bamboo forests and rocky outcrops spread across the Futoushan Mountain to encourage breeding and rearing with training programmes designed to one day release the captive animals back into the wild.

The base is also home to lesser pandas, black-necked cranes and white storks as well as over 20 species of rare animals. Within the centre is the Giant Panda Museum, the only one of its kind with a variety of exhibitions covering everything you could possibly want to know about these creatures from their physical characteristics to the conservation efforts in place to ensure their survival.

Located in Ya'an city roughly a two and a half hour drive from downtown Chengdu, the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base is home to over 30 of the black-and-white animals, many of them rescued from the Wolong National Natural Reserve which suffered extensive damage after an earthquake in , only four years after its opening. Spread across a V-shaped gorge, the grounds of the panda centre encompass a varied terrain and vegetation with valleys and waterfalls reminiscent of the panda's natural environment. Here pandas are also trained on basic survival in the hopes that they may one day be returned to the wild.

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Within the grounds of the base over 20 areas have been designated for particular activities with a kindergarten for baby pandas, a breeding zone, various bamboo forests to provide ample food and a research centre with details on conservation efforts. The Dujiangyan Panda Base is the newest of China's research centres dedicated to the endangered breed and like its contemporaries provides large, natural enclosures with acres at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain. Located about an hour and a half's drive from Chengdu, the base is home to some 40 giant pandas as well as five red pandas and is particularly popular thanks to its volunteer programmes.

The one-day programme enables visitors to assist with maintaining the living quarters, feeding the pandas and planting bamboo trees to ensure a continuous supply of food. On top of this volunteers will explore the panda rescue exhibition hall and watch documentaries to learn more about the work that goes into looking after these animals. The Dujiangyan Panda Base is home to a number of well-known pandas that have returned to China after being born abroad so even if you're not volunteering or having your photo taken you'll still get the chance to observe the pandas at feeding time or during the day as they sit around and take it easy.

Also known as the Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Centre, this important research facility was founded in and has since nursed back to health over animals and has bred no less than which includes giant and red pandas as well as the red-crested ibis and golden monkeys.

The 20 giant pandas are the star attraction with a number of panda cubs having been bred over the last decade including a male and female set of twins back in The pandas live in enclosures which have an indoor concrete section and outdoor grassy area and therefore it's not always possible to see them as they may be sleeping away from prying eyes. Conditions here are not as spacious as centres elsewhere but the ultimate goal is to one day release the pandas back into the wild. It's possible to see captive pandas throughout the year though August and September are particularly good times to visit as this coincides with the birthing season with newborn babies occupying the nurseries.

The research centres have a viewing area in the nurseries where visitors can watch the pink cubs being looked after by human carers. Pandas are rather idle creatures and enjoy their sleep so it's best to visit the centres during feeding time when they are at their most active. The morning feeding session is typically held between and am each day.

For the rest of the day pandas are likely to be sleeping, possibly out of view in their indoor enclosures. To ensure your visit to China runs as smoothly as possible, have a browse through our other handy Travel Guide resources:. Best Places to Visit - our recommendations on China's best spots Best Time to Visit - weather conditions and China's calendar of events Tourist Visas - everything you need to know on visa procurement Top Travel Tips - from pre-travel health advice to temple etiquette and more Visiting the Great Wall - make the most of your visit to this world wonder Traveller Reviews - see what our passengers think of our China tours Video Lounge - captivating China caught on camera.

Our Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your travel experience. For our Signature range, we maximize your days with excitement and then bring you home to specially selected accommodation with extra character, convenience and comfort, whether that's a five-star river boat on the Nile or a traditional Japanese Ryokan. Accommodation in this range features comfortable western standards, air-conditioning, WiFi and, where appropriate, a swimming pool.

Free Brochure Trip Enquiry Subscribe. Expert local guides. Group Tours. Budget Group Tours. Family Holidays. Overland Adventures. Tailor-Made Holidays China Discover China's star attractions from the imperial cities of the north to the karst-studded landscapes of the south with pandas, temples and giant buddhas thrown in for good measure. Great Wall. Hong Kong.

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He was extremely cheerful and polite, even greeting the food chute that fed him as a friend. Unlike his adult form, bamboo was his favorite thing to eat. One day, a staff member in the observation room for Panda's enclosure noticed he looked lonely and gave him a panda doll as a companion. Panda and the doll were inseparable until one day he used the doll to help him climb up and see through the room's window, from which he had seen light shine from time to time. Upon looking through the window, he saw a television and was absolutely enraptured.

The very next day, he along with his stuffed companion escaped so that he could watch 'the magic box' as he called the television show him its wonders, but it was turned off, so he went to find another. He found the security camera room, but the televisions showing the camera feeds quickly bored him.

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  • After wandering for a while, he saw some trees outside a window set in a door and thought this window was another magic box. Unfortunately, the sanctuary staff had realized he had escaped and chased him until Panda found an open window. He jumped out to his freedom but was forced to leave his stuffed companion behind. He escaped in a truck filled with bamboo as the sanctuary staff continued their search. It is unclear if he remembers any of this.

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    After some period of time, he met Grizzly and Ice Bear and they become sworn brothers after that. Grizzly comforting Panda distraught. Grizzly and Panda are brothers. Grizzly is a leader figure to both Panda and Ice Bear. In " Our Stuff ", Grizzly helps Panda find his backpack, which contained his phone and can also bear stack as a way of traveling faster. In " Cupcake Job ", while trying to protect themselves from being attacked by an angry mob of customers, the two admit what they had done to the laptop when they hatched the idea of making a giant cupcake.

    They end up scooping up all the cupcake batter that covered the room and used it to create a giant, and disgusting, cupcake. In " Hibernation ", when Grizzly's brothers checked upon him, they woke him up because of a dream he was having.

    They then said they would head back to the cave to let him rest. Grizzly didn't want them to leave which led to Panda offering if he would join them outside, to which Grizzly accepts. The three end up sitting out under the stars together. On making on Grizz's own movie ' Crowbar Jones ' he makes Panda become his sidekick and he makes Panda as the funny character of the movie. Panda and Ice Bear exchanging information about each others' species. Ice Bear and Panda are brothers. They are able to bear stack as a way of traveling faster.

    They have been shown to be very close, such as in " Jean Jacket ", when Ice Bear and Grizzly were extremely upset after Panda got smacked and when he consoled him after Grizzly's sacrifice. He also voluntarily stepped in to assist Panda in " Brother Up " and has shown great emotion after being separated from both of his brothers in the cub episodes. Ice Bear is shown to be very protective of Panda, as shown in " Nom Nom ".

    They are shown working together to stop Grizzly's obsession with the burrito in " Burrito ", and in the short, " Bear Cleaning ", when they posed and took several selfies with Grizzly's clump of fur before putting it back. In " Hibernation " and " Panda's Sneeze " alike, they were shown bonding with each other. In the former, they were shown reading facts to each other about their respective species, and in the latter, Ice Bear had blushed when Panda asked if he thought his sneeze was cute, and later, at the cute-off, Ice Bear gave him a rose and called him precious.

    Panda has actually never mentioned Ice Bear by name. Nom Nom assisting Panda in creating storyboards for the "movie". The two do not really know each other that well, however, Panda knows of the incident between him and Grizzly that occurred in " Viral Video ", and even refers to the koala as "a butt" in " Nom Nom ".